rushing diary of creation

Posted by poison, December 21, 2018

My holiday started a week earlier, this way I had the possibility to do updates to Turn It On. Still no iOS version but...

Posted by poison, November 4, 2018

It was a long time since I wrote a weekly report. Somehow the available time was not enough to summarize the activity that frequently, sometimes - to be true - I was lazy or simply tired. Now I try to look back 3 months or so.

Posted by poison, August 5, 2018

This week was busy again. Promotion, new build, new video report...

Posted by poison, July 8, 2018

I'm still in pixel graphics tasks so I only had time to do some measurement/marketing stuff. It generated 1 sold copy. Let's see what I think of all this!

Posted by poison, June 30, 2018

Right after posting the last devlog entry, finally, I had time to update the game a little bit.