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W31 | Weekly report - More and more
Posted by poison, August 5, 2018

This week was busy again. Promotion, new build, new video report...

I have run a promotion week paralell on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to give away a few redeem codes. Goal was to get a few more followers and awareness. It was a total disaster. First the paid Facebook advertising didn't start. After a day without any impression (number of cases, when the advert appeared on the wall of anyone) I let FB to decide where to post (I have opted Instagram out as the ad was optimized for FB in size, a separate one was specially done for Instagram) and numbers began to grow. I was happy. After 2 days FB stopped the promotion again, now because presence of too much text on the ad. Meanwhile, I tried new methods to reach out to potential players which seems more efficient than paid ads (checking followers of different Twitter pages). At the end I gave ~15 codes for people reacting to the promotion or my personal contacting. It was a little bit difficult to communicate to Spanish talking people that they got free copies of the game they liked on Instagram, but Google Translate helped a lot :)

Thanks to Tapinus crétarios from Switzerland #TurnItOn got a one hour long let's play video. I thought my game is not ready for real Youtube capture and never thought that someone would stream it for an hour :) Thank you, dude!

Another happy moment was to meet Çağatay Karahan from Turkey, who was kind enough to translate the game into Turkish. Latest version in the Play Store is now localized to 9 languages.