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W27 | Weekly report - Complaints? Just the usual.
Posted by poison, July 8, 2018

I'm still in pixel graphics tasks so I only had time to do some measurement/marketing stuff. It generated 1 sold copy. Let's see what I think of all this!

Last time I told that I bombarded Reddit, Twitter, SlideDB, and my personal Facebook page (shared to different channels) with the news about the latest update of my game, #TurnItOn. I had 4 copies sold on the day of the update (the game got onto the latest updates-list of Google Play) and then... nothing... Ok, not nothing, but only 1 bargain. This week I had a small review tweet by TestingAndroid7 (Sweden), a full article review by Daikon Media (Germany) and a video review by Ev1lch1nch1lla (USA).

I posted about them wherever possible (Reddit, Twitter, Facebook). With cross-promoting I was even able to lift Ev1lch1nch1lla's video to his top views. I have posted on Instagram too. ...and all this caused the mentioned single sold copy. What does it mean? First of all: a few minutes on the front page means 1000x more than all my possible effort. Second, now I think it was the worst possible timing for such an acion: Steam Summer sale and a Football World Cup made no room for a paid app, like mine. Maybe I should have done a sale too (planned for the near future). Google's new algorithms didn't help either: for example, they systematically advised non-relevant games on Turn It On's store page. At last, it seems to be back to normal again.

Another adventure of the week happened to me with the online billing system of Hungary and the most used web service in this category here, It took me a while but now I have an account for paperless billing. Google can pay me legally for those 5 copies :) (hello Sheldon, it was sarcasm)

I'm off for a week now. After 6 years of continuous work I think it's time to have a holiday :) Have a great week, see you soon!

#indiegame #indiedev #madewithunity