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W23 | Weekly report - Version 1.10 is alive
Posted by poison, June 10, 2018

As the title says, a new version hit the Google Play Store. Grab it now!

New content is still in progress as I had other tasks (confidental :) ) to do. This might slow down the way to the iOS release but I hope it explains itself once revealed. Meanwhile, I have released a new update for #TurnItOn. Now you have a restart level button in the header. Next I want to implement another button of this kind onto the result screen. Such updates seem the only working method to keep your app in sight.

After 3 months on Reddit I managed to get over 1000 karma. It came mostly from a few funny and intreesting photos I posted (found trolls and voluntary police right away) + a lot of helping comments I did on r/blender. The idea was to ask people to check my game in exchange if I could give them usable help. For those who want to learn from my mistakes: it doesn't work. I always forget social from social media. You should not! At least I found another way: other developers are happy to help out testing your game and to give rating. You can even find some real gems among indie developers. Check this two by all means: Shinko (iOS version) and PathSlider (iOS version). You won't regret!

#MadeWithUnity #indiegame #indiedev