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W24 | Weekly report - Wide pixels
Posted by poison, June 16, 2018

If you expect some new gadgets here I have to disappoint you. Last week was about pixels, those really oldschool wideshaped ones and most likely my next 7 days are going to happen with them too.

It is still confidental, I won’t go in details (actually the screenshot shows details ;) ) but I wanted to tell you that progress didn’t stop, it is just about priorities now.

As I have deadlines, #TurnItOn got less time. What remains was enough to extend the list of level ideas. They are enough to handpick only the finest now.

ps.: The official invitation for 20th Arok Party - the retro computing symposium - will be presented this night in Tyhcy/Poland on a mighty Commodore 64! Come and have a time travel back to the 80s with us on 17-19 August! Check and follow us on Facebook!

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