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W22 | Weekly report - Average week
Posted by poison, June 3, 2018

Despite tagging my week "FAILED" (according to the planed and the tasks actually done) I managed to do some progress. Most significant issue: #screenshotsaturday missed once again. Shame on me.

I have found a bug in the iOS version which turned out to be present on Android and Windows either (somehow it was harder to catch on the last two). I fixed that and uploaded packed with a shiny new Unity 2018 engine onto the Google store. It made immediately 2 purchases :)

The first final level of the third setting is working now, but another issue came with. The idea of having a table fading into the void is very likely to be replaced with some opaque thing as the fade out animation does very weird effect over the skybox and I couldnt't fix it.

I have tried a lot of things to get more social presence too. I managed to get new followers on Instagram and gained some karma on Reddit too. Don't feel that it will ever lead to new purchases, but I'm still persistent that it is a must.

At my daytime job, we are going to release Warhammer 40000: Inquisitor Martyr on tuesday. Prepare for some hardcore trailer movie, it is going to be a hit for sure!