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W21 | Weekly report - 3rd setting is alive
Posted by poison, May 27, 2018

Finally #TurnItOn got a working "level" for its 3rd setting. Not a big thing but you might missed such a news for a long time.

This week was busy: I did a headphone model (a wireless one, it will indicate if you solved the level), generated AO maps, created lots of controller scripts and a very basic level to test them all. They are coming along nicely! I managed even to post this image for #screenshotsaturday.

Meanwhile, my new accountant started my individual proprietorship. Finally I can pay for my beloved government for my existence :)

I have tried to run a little poll on Reddit without too much success. Those social sites work very differently, you have to find your voice for each of them. At the moment I'm present on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit. It is a hard job and needs lot of time...

#MadeWithUnity #indiegame #indiedev