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W26 | Weekly report - Version 1.11
Posted by poison, June 30, 2018

Right after posting the last devlog entry, finally, I had time to update the game a little bit.

So far you had the possibility to restart the level anytime while playing but it was an understandable request to have a button on the results screen for the same reason. While doing so I have even put time limits visible. This way it's not a question anymore how fast you have to be to get all the achievement stars. All this was released in the version 1.11.

My experience is that I can generate sales only with such updates (only a few) when the app gets into the list of recently updated apps in the Google Play store. To make things look tougher I've read articles about changing algorithms at Google and doubled number of weekly game releases on Steam. Despite, to boost spreading the news I have posted on a bunch of Reddit channels, Twitter, SlideDB, and Facebook. As a result, 3 Youtubers contacted me that they would like to play my game in front of the camera :) At least something! If those videos are available I will surely cite them. I have tried to get some help at the Discord channel of Gamedev Undergound but my feelings are mixed with the 'answers' I got.

Meanwhile, I'm still doing pixel art and organizing our retro computer meeting. I have managed to have the most prominent Hungarian gaming podcast as our guest at Arok Party!

That's for now. Meet you next week!

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