How do those gadgets work? That's your guess!

Turn It On! is a collection of black boxes literally, where your task is to guess the mechanics behind. According to the played setting, you will use buttons, switches, wheels, knobs, handles, cogs, a handful of meters, displays, etc. You will need to recognize the machine's behavior and time your action wisely. Besides sharpening your mind you can compete for extra badges with more rapid solutions!

  • industrial and steampunk settings
  • with unique cutscene animations
  • relaxing audio tracks
  • over 30 puzzles to solve
  • localized to 11 languages
  • fullscreen support for 1:2 screen ratio
  • The game is available on the Google Play Store.

    The main target platform is mobile, release for desktop computers is scheduled for a later time in 2019.

    get it on Google Play