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W08 | Weekly report - Trailer #2
Posted by poison, February 24, 2018

The game trailer for #TurnItOn is finished and it is awesome in all its 50 seconds! It might sound ridiculous but I'm almost crying reaching this point :) Thank you, Laci (Strayboom) for the super audio and everybody else for ideas and critics!

You should wait for the official release a little (PM me if you can't), so I share only a glimpse of it as a submit for #screenshotsaturday. The real work begins now: I have to reach out to as many influencers as possible! If you can spread the word in any form or platform, just let me know!

...and to have even some educational content in this post: If you ever start creating your trailer take into account, that #YouTube allows external link buttons (to your own site or any merchandise one) over your video only if you have joined their Partner Program. It's a simple task but it needs an extra threshold of 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers to get reviewed (starting January 16, 2018). If you succeed you can have up to 5 buttons (they are called cards) for each of your videos but they can point only to a selected number of sites (iTunes and Google Play is among them, but for example is not). URL to your own site is accepted if you can prove that the domain is your own property (in my case, it was a snap with I can understand Google's point of view as they want to have their playground clean, but it makes my life a little bit harder as I have to miss any call to action button. At least for a while., please, watch me and subscribe!

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