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W19 | Weekly report - One step closer to the iOS version
Posted by poison, May 13, 2018

The third setting for #TurnItOn is getting shape. Over 16 level ideas are collected by now.

Last time I told you that I'm looking for a new accountant. After contacting 3 possible candidates now I'm going for a talk this week. Wish me luck :) (FYI: one of them didn't even respond my email and the other two had so distant prices that I'm very curious what can cost 2x the price of the other for the same task)

It turned out that I need to buy a Mac for the iOS development. The iMac I could get my hands on is sloooooow like hell. It has only a 2 cores i5 processor and 4Gb ram which is too little to run Unity, XCode and Visual Studio (I was shocked as this is the default installed IDE by Unity on MacOS). I was aware that Apple's computers are overpriced, but after searching for an affordable solution I'm more confused: The cheapest machine you can get is a Mac Mini, which has not been updated since 2014. The fastest Mini is even older: it is from 2012! If you have any suggestion/idea which way to go, don't hesitate to contact me!

I have supported the competitions of QB Party with a few promo keys as prices. I hope the winners enjoy the game :) Btw. it is a nice country-side demoscene jamboree.

As I wrote in the lead-in the actual development gained a few more level ideas. Additionally I have updated the level selector too. This GIF shows as you can scroll between screens and how it bumps at the ends:

It has been fixed too, not to start a level if you only swiped over a button and not pressed. The reason to revamp all this was that the first successful build had jaggy scrolling on my iPhone.

#MadeWithUnity #indiegame #indiedev