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W13 | Weekly report - 2 weeks actually
Posted by poison, March 31, 2018

I have missed a weekly report, so let's summarize 2 weeks in this post!

The French localization of #TurnItOn got complete thanks to @Vilgour. (If you have a minute, check their upcoming game, Shady Part of Me! Its style is so unique, I'm sure it will be a blast! Give them a follow!) I have fixed a bug on the title screen and I got more requests to change level 21 to make the game usable even on small screen devices. The actual version (1.08) is available in the Play Store. Meanwhile, the trailer got over 5000 views. Amazing! (Now I only need 22K more to be as successful as my wife with her one and only YouTube video about chain stitching :) ) I have started the 3rd setting for the game, here you have the very first polygons for this week's #screenshotsaturday:

The game was reported in the Futu-Retro blog (Hungarian), @CraniumCode featured the trailer video on its YouTube channel and I got 20 seconds to talk about on the Hungarian national channel "M2 Petőfi":

The development might seem slowed down. There are multiple reasons, most importantly my children got ill, I have crunch time at my workplace, I got involved in a non-disclosed game project and I started organizing Árok Party. More than enough, I believe, but iOS version and content update are on track.

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