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W10 | Weekly report - Release
Posted by poison, March 11, 2018

Yeah, the day has come. Most important news in the history of this devlog: #TurnItOn got to the shelves of the Google Play Store! You can grab your copy here:

I started the week by releasing the game in full secret and still not 100% in the desired final form. First I wanted only those close to me to test the game. It was a good idea as it turned out that the game failed to render even the menu screen on LG G2, LG K8, Samsung A3, Samsung A8, Huawei Y6, Huawei Honor 6, Huawei Cun-L01 and who knows what else. A hot fix was done: I have removed the effects of Unity's essential Post Processing Stack. I really hope I can enable it once again. I have posted ~200 promo codes to friends and acquaintances. Around 25% installed the game and 15 gave a rating in the store by the time I write this. The trailer was doing well too:

It made over 2.9K views until now. I think it was my best decision ever to do such a trailer as it turned out to be my one and only marketing weapon. To be honest, my game is not YouTube friendly: you can do a walkthrough but no funny scenes or any spectacular cut of. It is 1-2 hours of a brainteaser. Nothing more, nothing less. This would be enough reason not to build my marketing on YouTube only but I failed once again :) I have contacted over 150 channels one by one. As I created a tracking system by myself, I know most of them opened my email, but only 5 responded dealing with advert fees (35-400 USD) only. Most of them surely get hundreds of requests daily but even small ones ignored me. Keep this in mind if you planed similarly!

Things that made traffic for me: The trailer got on front page of Blendernation. Bart, operator of the site was kind to let it spread the word. It produced 38% of the views. A lot of visitors came from Facebook (21%) and the best (?!) part: 6,5% is connected to where a pirated version is available to download (Looking at the comments, they run into the menu rendering problem. LOL.).

Fixes for this week: Android's system back button now works in the game, localization was updated, timing of the levels were revised and the above-mentioned menu screen bug was eliminated.

Now I'm busy getting ready the Save Game2 expo. Meet you there!

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