rushing diary of creation

Posted by poison, March 3, 2018

The Android release of #TurnItOn is getting closer day by day but the to-do-list just won't get shorter: this week I did a lot of small tasks but each time a bunch of new ones emerged from the void.

Posted by poison, February 24, 2018

The game trailer for #TurnItOn is finished and it is awesome in all its 50 seconds! It might sound ridiculous but I'm almost crying reaching this point :) Thank you, Laci (Strayboom) for the super audio and everybody else for ideas and critics!

Posted by poison, February 20, 2018

Breaking: Rushing Pixel is going to showcase #TurnItOn at Save Game 2, the independent video game expo in Budapest/Hungary on 17th March 2018.

Posted by poison, February 18, 2018

This week I started working on the game trailer for #TurnItOn. #Blender is used as the main tool to create the needed shots. I have to learn a lot, as the movie is an undiscovered area for me.

Posted by poison, February 10, 2018

Sadly I can't tell about too much progress this week as a lot of things happened to my personal life that hindered the development. The actual free minutes were enough for design decisions mostly.