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W20 | Weekly report - Better later than never
Posted by poison, May 22, 2018

I had a good time with family on the long weekend, so I missed #screenshotsaturday and the usual dev log entry. Now I want to catch up not to make you miss me :)

The week started with a tough decision. Tough according to my budget: Should I buy a used Mac or not? (~240k HUF / 900 USD) Problem is, that OS support for an average Mac is 5-6 years and the Mac Mini I could afford and is enough for development (4 cores i7, 16Gb ram) is from 2012. It means there is a chance I lose support right after purchase... and submitting to the AppStore needs latest XCode, XCode needs latest OS. Not to mention that #WWDC18 is next month where people vision the announcement of a new Mac Mini. And there is the iMac I got for builds at my workplace, which is damn slow. I gave it a try with some memory upgrade and now it seems responsible enough. The cost was only 16k HUF to upgrade it to 12Gb (actually 16, thank you AndrĂ¡s!), so it was decided.

I met my new accountant and we decided to start an individual proprietorship. She promised to have my tax-number for next week. I hope the best!

At the weekend I could finally get back to Unity and start to give life to the first buttons and knobs of the hifi setting. It works like a charm now, I plan to show the first assembled level next weekend.

#MadeWithUnity #indiegame #indiedev